About – Maison De Tourmentin



We love the idea of home fragrance serving as a perfume for your home, something that you would be happy to wear on your skin and smell when you walk through the door - after all the home deserves personality too, doesn’t it?

Niche perfumery inspires us to use unusual ingredients such as vegan salty ambergris, balsamic smokey opoponax and heavenly precious woods like guaiacwood and oud.

Our candles are made for lovers of minimalist modern design that like to add character and personality to their spaces. Our candle’s triple black aesthetic eliminate clutter and will have you displaying them long after use for the perfect plant filled ‘shelfie’.

With a love for industrial, mid century modern and scandinavian interiors - our candles are designed to be like your home’s capsule wardrobe and look great styled with plants, natural textures and a beautiful concrete tray.

Who are we?

Maison de Tourmentin is the work of dynamic duo (and sometimes mortal enemies) Puvan Briah & Matthew Tourmentin.

 Matthew’s late Grandfather Ecosse Philippe Tourmentin, a carpenter from the South of France, influenced his passion for perfumery from a young age. After years of collecting bottle after bottle of niche perfumery - he decided to foray into the world of perfumery himself, mixing and composing his own blends of fine fragrances inspired by feelings, emotions and memories.

 Puvan is the Art Director and writer of Maison de Tourmentin. After many years of hyper-productivity and the inevitable burn out that comes along with it, Puvan made it her personal mission to write about the importance of slowing down, committing to self care best practices and creating a safe environment at home to retreat to. Her aesthetic is deeply influenced by calming, sleek and minimal interiors that bring about a sense of peace and tranquility.