Candle Care FAQ – Maison De Tourmentin

Candle Care FAQ

  1. Why do candles tunnel down the middle and waste wax around the outside?

    When burning a candle you must wait until the wax melts all the way to the edge before extinguishing it especially for the first time. With our candles based on our wick width and the overall size of the surface area this will take approximately 2-4 hours. Wax holds memory and if the candle is only lit for a short amount of time the flame will only melt the surface area of it’s last burn. If you have burnt a candle that no matter how long you’ve waited has not pooled all the way to the edge - this is the sign of a poorly constructed candle. It either has too much fragrance and is drowning the wick, or the wick is not thick enough for the surface area of the candle.

  2. Why do candles flicker when I relight it?

    When relighting your candle take a wick trimmer/pair of scissors or nail cutter and trim your wick before relighting. The flame flickers when the candle is burning too hot when the wick is too long, trimming this after every burn will ensure a soft steady glowing light - perfect for meditating to the flame or sinking into a long bath


  3. Do I need to cut the wick after every burn?

    Another reason it is essential to trim the wick is so that the candle doesn’t burn too hot and evaporate oils too quickly. When this happens the beautifully scented oils are wasted and the full effects of the scent are not experienced at their best. What a shame!


  4. Can I stop candles from smoking or leaving soot?

    Yes, you can prohibit this by removing all debris from your candle and ensure that there are no stray particles in the wax from the wick. Also if you do not have a candle snuffer, you should take a pair of scissors or nail cutters and extinguish the candle by submerging the wick back into the melted wax. This creates a seal around the wick to protect it and prevents the flame from burning carbon on the wick.


  5. Why do some candles not smell? Will this candle smell strong?

    We can guarantee that our candles will envelop a large room, we have tested these in large rooms and long corridors and they are strong enough to mask the scent of two very smelly dogs! The strength and longevity of scent is very important to us and we have achieved this by slightly over sizing our wick in order to pull in and disperse more oil. The trade off for this is that an oversized wick does burn slightly quicker but we are very happy with our very respectable burn time.


  6. How long will my candle last?

    Providing the above tips are followed our candles will burn for an estimated 30 - 40 hours. Ensure that they are not placed within a draught and you will enjoy plenty of hours with your beautiful candle. Enjoy!